tonight, #projectblowed celebrates their 20th year :: I’ve been to a bunch of the early anniversary shows, but by far this was one of my favorites. Shout out to all the blowdians that paved the way for an entire generation who fail to even acknowledge where their styles came from •jjohnson-IG•

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or perhaps u prefer the classic front #ProjectBlowed #20yearAnniversaryTee remixed w/updated code sector & artist roll call (though plenty r missing due to our massiveness)
Its crazy that 21 yrs ago when i sat down w/my label’s designer & chose this font w/the blowed bulb logo i had no idea how lasting & iconic it would become for so many. Much love & no slight to any & every person ever down w/us, on a comp, pbr label project or workshop attendee! Buy 1 of these in person this Sun #Dec28th at #LeimertParkLegends hangout or online at •abbeyrizzle-IG•