MISTER CR "Like I Do" feat. YUM YUM #np

A first for Mister CR ..writing his first ghetto LOVE STORY! something to bump with your lady to get her in the mood, From the CD 4 HU$TLAS ONLY !!!  + PRODUCED BY THE DAZZ


:: 2015 dawns a #newera in #LosAngeles’ #musicscene! This new sound: #StreetHop! is rapidly redefining the (mentality and) #music of So. Cal. – From #gangsterrap to #betterbeats #makingmoney and #networking. Proudly pioneering this #newsound is (tried and true) #hiphop veteran MISTER CR [GoodLife / Project BlowedHCSD]. Reppin’ from inner-city L.A.’s #eastside “CR” displays an unusually more relaxed/urban flow that #pairs seamlessly with YumYum’s melodic vocal poetry.#mistaCR  #projectblowedHCSHD | prod by THE DAZZ]
@1mistaCR-YTube | @mista.cr-FB | youtube.com/mista-cr-like-i-do


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