Rap Battle | 65 Hunnit vs Sonic Soundwaveus | AHAT

Watch as Sonik Soundwaveus puts on his best performance ever and witness the debut of 65 Hunnit on the main AHAT channel. 65 Hunit is the first emcee in 2015 to make the progression from the NEXT channel to the AHAT main stage. Vote for a winner here http://ahat.tv/rap-battles/ahat-presents-65-hunnit-vs-sonik-soundwaveus.html Like, Comment, Share, & Favorite to support the AHAT Movement, thank you. AHAT has become the dominant battle league from the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world. visit http://ahat.tv for more AHAT videos. AHAT IS THE HOTTEST BATTLE LEAGUE ON THE PLANET. Subscribe http://youtube.com/allhiphopallthetime Like http://facebook.com/ahat.tv Join https://www.facebook.com/groups/AHAT.tv 3D graphics by http://www.facebook.com/TD3DA AHAT Radio is the first Internet Radio station to play the best music coming from the battle culture, listen here http://ahat.tv/radio or on phones w/ HH Radio app http://tinyurl.com/k4vk49w AHAT Freestyle app http://ahat.tv/app iPhones download http://tinyurl.com/krsudhh Android download http://tinyurl.com/mfoj45v FOLLOW @od702 @therealAHAT @AHATVegas @AHATCali @AHATTexas @iebonics @ahatexec @CoreTheEmcee @bigkree_210 @PRiM3thaRiPP3R @ThaArtofWar @MolotovMyers INSTAGRAM AHATVegas AHATCali AHATTexas AHATUT od702 iebonics

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