Linafornia- [YUNG] LP Cassette Mix – LINAFORNIA #np
♫ Order a physical copy tape cassette here:


SIDE A: beats, snippets & dusty loops…
1. intro [Get Ready!!!!] –0:00–
2. mafmaticbapp –1:22–
3. hi shrimp –3:38–
4. brownies –6:07–
5. nagchampa [in the vortex] / beat F –8:00–
6. wussup (feat. Jack Bastian) –10:44–
7. wetttt –12:55–

SIDE B: raps, remixes & oracles…
8. wrdfrmjazzoh [the oracle] –16:07–
9. Dot Wav (feat. Devi Wonder) –18:18–
10. xtrctions –20:33–
11. rargroovs –23:05–
12. gotchuallinCHECK!!!! –26:35–

Always Prolific [Swingy Rec], Wylie Cable [Dome of Doom], Gibb, Jazz Oh, Verbs [#DeaThLA], Nate Hollister Jr., Rxdio, Anjik, Kahil Saadiq, Ivan Jahn, Juanita Anderson, Cesee, Beat Cinema


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