Aesop Rock – Syrup Feat. Homeboy Sandman & Open Mike Eagle by rhymesayers
This song is a bonus track, available for free download when you purchase Aesop Rock’s album, “The Impossible Kid”, at #hiphopone #liked

Hustle Hard Cold 187um Feat. Too Short & E – 40 Explicit by Cold187um “The BlackGodfather”
Cold187um “Hustle Hard” Feat. Too Short & E-40 –
Produce By – Sclass Beats & Laylaw Goodman
The First Single From The “BLACKGODFATHER”
Soundtrack & Motion Picture…

“Hustle Hard” Single Will Be Available On ITunes June 3 2016

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Cash Us King (f.k.a. Co$$) “Black Liberation Theology” [UNCENSORED] by clockworkmusic

Black Liberation Theology is about more than just the liberation of the African American people; it’s about liberation for ALL PEOPLE. If one group is oppressed, none of us are free. This song reflects a philosophy and lifestyle that rallies for freedom of the mind, freedom of the body, and freedom of the soul: the FREEDOM to be yourself despite social/political pressures to conform with a status quo that encourages homogenization over individuality..

Thanks for listening.
~ CashUsKing (formerly known as Co$$) #hiphopone #liked