www.HeavenlyLosAngeles.WordPress.Com. My next story is titled, “Man on Fire, 3rd Degree Grams.” An interview with West Coast Rapper & reality show sensation @maccgrams who will share with us how he survived a huge fire burning him in the 3rd degree on his face & whole body & the excruciating pain he’s in right now. We will have his GoFundMe account information. I can’t even talk About it I want to cry. He posts these cute videos with her on Instagram& it really inspires me. I love the hook he did for the song, “Ya’ll Just Humans”. His talent & his positive outlook make him stand out. He has physical copies of his first CD! Let’s help him sell them all! Stay tuned for the whole page interview & my surprise co-host!!! Eek I’m super excited 🏆👊🏾
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