LIVE FROM THE GOODLIFE REUNION – Jan. 31 2015 / #rerolled from klass_one@IGram ·>>Had A Good Conversation With The Person Responsible Helping Artist Get A Chance To Showcase Their Skills On The Microphone Which Allowed Them To Be Discover By The Industry.Salute To The Founder Of The Legendary Los Angeles 1990s Event THE GOOD LIFE The Lovely Ms. BEA HALL. During Our Conversation I Promise Her I Wouldn’t Curse!! LOL Only Those That Actually Were Apart Of Good Life or Have Full Knowledge Will Get The Joke About The Cursing!! LOL. #HipHop #HipHopCulture #TheGoodLife #GoodLifeReunion #LAUnderground. #BeaHall #KlassOne

LIVE FROM THE GOODLIFE REUNION – Jan. 31 2015 / #rerolled from mykmansun@IGram ·>>So it’s 1994 and kpwr (power 106) asks the Goodlife to send someone to represent on the Baka boys show . Guess who she sends? Yup! She chose me to go do the Goodlife interview. When I later asked her why me she tells me because she wanted to help me out. She said she saw everyone helping each other out but not me. She must have really believed in me to do that! I still rep Goodlife and will til I die! Thank you for everything Bea Hall! I will always remember how you taught me respect for the mic & the power of the word!