RIFLEMAN – Riflemania

Rifleman a.k.a Ellay Khule [Project Blowed]
rifleman cd cover
this is a classic RIFLEMAN record; hip-hop flows over a club (type) instrumental. How could you go wrong? Released on the now defunct WellBell records this album is a gem that needs it’s shine. Video


Published on Mar 16, 2012

Rifleman a.k.a Ellay Khule – Riflemania (1998)

ELLAY KHULE is a veteran in the international underground hip-hop scene birthed right out of south central LA. He has been rapping since the late 80’s and started off as a youth freestyling bag rapping with family and friends, which led to a life-time love. Stuck between the streets (gangs) of L.A. and hip hop, hip hop eventually won out and made Ellaykhule AKA Rifleman an icon.
Always winning various showcases and talent shows as a youngster – but having a knack for curb battling and cipher challenges, Khule was victorious more times than not. The reputation of the emcee grew having timeless old skool influences such as RUN DMC, GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS 5, CHILL ROB G, KANE, KOOL G RAP, WHODINI-PE, DOUGIE FRESH, and SLICK RICK. Today, he has influenced your favorite emcee.Hip hop wasn’t his only influence. He was into COLTRANE, QUIET RIOT, KRAFTWERK, MALCOLM MACCLAREN, NEW WAVE, REGGAE and OLE SKOOL R&B SOUL; so, he naturally incorporates those music influences into the unmatched patterns and rhythms of his rhyme structure. This made his sound innovative and distinct.

In 1989, a place called the Good Life Café opened and it was where the youth could verbally express themselves in an open mic forum. This is the place where the emcee ELLAY KHULE really connected and matured lyrically. One reason was the ongoing friendly competition with musical comrades such as FREESTYLE FELLOWSHIP, CVE, FUNKY TREND, ATU, AHMAD, VOLUME 10, KURUPT, OMD, JURASIK 5, and BUSDRIVER, just to name a few. The Good Life literally birthed underground hip hop as we know it today – every hip hop rap emcee came through, from Too Short to Onyx. Their style and soul have definitely been an influence on the hip hop world abroad. The Good Life emcees are hands down the originators of the so-called RODEO-BOUNCE-FAST rap craze. It is a style that they have collectively used since 1989 – it’s basically a method of “chopping” their words & music phrases. With that in mind, ELLAY KHULE coined the name “Chop Hop” as the official name to the style that has come from the Good Life and Project Blowed emcees! He is one of the very few of the original lifers who still uses the original lethal fast tongue style.

The Hip Hop Kclan veteran has rocked underground shows internationally, blew up underground tours, been featured in documentaries like “This Is The Life”, headlined DUB car shows, and began his own music and apparel line. He is one of the only emcees to make a worldwide reputation under two different alter ego’s Rifleman and EllayKhule, both delivering lethal rapid fire flows. His ongoing quest to express himself aristically in many genres is as refreshing as it was in the begining. He has truly changed the sound and face of hip hop with a his west coast underground cockiness and creative abilities.